Getting to my goal weight the healthy way.

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yeah I want it back

Exactly! Just take care of your body, and it will love you back ^_^


the previous owners of the blogs fit-healthy-gorgeous and thin-petals, coming together to make an inspirational, healthy, body positive blog for all. check us out !
CURVESPO OF THE DAY ! kate upton !

beautiful <3

simple yet effective

I’m only following 1132 blogs. I’d like to be at 2000 by the end of the day. REBLOG if you’re a Fitblr so I can follow you! (: Please and thanks <3

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For the school dances that you looked terrible at. For the boy who didn’t think you were good enough. For the summers you spent in sweatshirts, hiding. For the dressing room mirrors that witnessed your meltdowns. For every compliment you couldn’t take seriously. For those who expect you to fail. But most importantly, for you; to feel happy, confident, and healthy.

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wow thankyou bby &lt;3